A trip to Norwich

Our house to Norwich is a long way…216 miles to be exact.  Our trip was a very much long overdue visit to see my little brother, meet his partner, see their flat and stay in the Premier Inn where Alex is working under the Operations Management Graduate scheme. We were hoping that Al would be working on our arrival to check us in but conveniently he’d managed to get he afternoon off!

We met Alex & Benoit in the centre of Norwich around 4 just as the darkness was creeping in and the wind starting to pick up speed.  The Christmas lights had been turned on and it was feeling very festive.

Norwich landmark

Norwich Landmarks

First stop was for a drink in Mr Postle’s Apothecary where there is an extensive range of “magical potions and eccentric elixirs” to be sampled, however we were extremely sensible and just went for bottles of Sol seeing as neither John and I hadn’t eaten since breakfast! (A bag of minstrels and a packet of Doritos hardly counts does it?!)

As you can see from the picture below, it was a really unique bar and nothing like I’ve been in before.  There test tubes of potions bubbling behind the bar!


Mr Postle’s

From there we moved on to  Revolución de Cuba, for 2-4-1 mojitoes…I tried a Mojito Royale – topped with a splash of Prosecco. Delicious!!  We failed to take any decent photos in here!


Mojitos all round!

Our hungry tummies signified food time. Alex wanted to try a new restaurant in town – Middletons Steak House and Grill.  We hadn’t booked a table so when we arrived we were told, rather rudely, that they’d need the table back in an hour and 15 despite there being plenty of tables available upstairs.  There was so much choice on the menu from burgers, to steaks to sharing boards to seafood but we opted for burgers which were YUMMY!!  Obviously there was room for desserts all round as well.  We didn’t get kicked out of the table and our waitress was really friendly.  Not sure what was wrong with grumpy bum on the door!!!


Little Brother & Big Sister


Our final stop for the evening was Be At One which was another new spot Alex wanted to try.  I don’t think I’ve ever seen SO MUCH CHOICE of cocktails, they all looked amazing and it took us all ages to decide what to order! I had an English Country Garden which was a twist on the classic G&T, John predictably went for a Twisted Mojito, Alex sampled something we’ve all forgotten the name too (!!) and Benoit kept it simple with Sex on the Beach.


MORE cocktails please!!


What I hadn’t realised was this was a chain of cocktail bars and was one of the same in Bath that I’ve wanted to try for ages! We’ll def be making a trip there in the New Year!

We had a really great evening being shown the sights of Norwich.  Plenty of food, drink and laughter…what more can you ask for on a Sunday evening!!!



  1. Alex
    08/12/2015 / 8:39 pm

    Was great to see you and to show you around the city! Great reviews of the places we saw too. My cocktail was a candy pants 😉 xxx

    • 08/12/2015 / 9:34 pm

      We won’t leave it soooooo long til our next visit! X

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