A splash of colour

We’ve lived in our new build house for nearly two years now and ever since then we’ve wanted to sort out the kitchen. Who installs a beautiful kitchen but then doesn’t put up any splash backs so that when you’re a messy chef like me it inevitably spits all over the wall?!

Two months ago we finally decided on some new tiles. We wanted something bright that would contrast the white walls and white kitchen units. As luck would have it Topps Tiles make these beauties in my favourite colour so these were our (my!!) first choice! (John would’ve had Arsenal red if he had it his way!!)

The next difficult decision was finding a paint to go with the tiles. As the tiles are so bright and bold we felt a little restricted on what would go without it being a horrendous clash!

We only bought 3 sample pots (when we decorated our lounge, we had a grand total of 10 samples splattered around) but finally settled on Dulux’s Chic Shadow.

Not wanting to blow our own trumpet but we made such a fab choice, the grey just pulls all the colour together and makes it feel bright yet cosy.  Due to the weather being so dull, the pictures really don’t do it justice…

I love how the vibrant colours on this painting by my cousin jump out against the grey.

Our next DIY project for 2016 is our hall, stairs and landing space.  We live in a 3 storey house so this is a pretty big job plus the added complication of working from home so this area is in full use all the time.  We’ve opted to have someone come in whilst we’re away – much less stressful!  Now…what colour shall we have….!!



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