A Busy Festive Period Awaits

Wowzers…is it really only 5 days til Christmas?!  I literally have no idea where the time has gone this year.

John is currently heading up north on the motorway to collect Olivia – we have her for 10 days over Christmas and we’ve got SO much planned!

I’m going to a carol service tonight with my Mum, it’s become a tradition for us to go to one every year.  The choir tonight will include my friend Anna, who will be performing a solo so I’m hoping to get a front row seat so I can put her off ;o)

We’re off to Beer in Devon in a couple of days for an early Christmas with part of my family. My brother is back from Norwich for the week and my sister has just moved in to her new house.  I can’t wait to see everyone – its not that often we’re all together now and I know Dad and Deb are looking forward to having us all under the same roof.

We’re seeing friends Christmas Eve – its our godson’s first Christmas so its a special time for them.  (I’m also having my haircut…finally!!)

Christmas Day will be spent at our house in the morning (with me waking up mega early I expect!) and then lunch is at John’s sisters.  They are doing lunch for 15 of us and it will be lovely to see all the children together.

We’re taking Olivia to her first Arsenal game on 28th.

There’s also visits to friends sprinkled on top of all of that and a secret surprise for Olivia that includes my Mum & step-Dad…!

So, the blog might be quiet for the next week or so whilst we soak up family time and really enjoy the festivities.  I’m hoping to get the camera out and try to get some good photos rather than iPhone snaps!



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