You're A Cottonheadedninneymuggins!

It’s not Christmas until you’ve watched the film Elf – I won’t go into the story line as I’ve assumed you’ve all seen it…and if you haven’t SHAME ON YOU!

It’s by far one of the best Christmas films around and makes me laugh without fail no matter how many times I’ve watched it. I’ve got so many favourite scenes I could go on forever.

When I heard there was an Elf the Musical I immediately went online to book tickets for Boxing Day – what better way to spread some festive cheer (other than singing loud for all to hear!) Now, the only trouble was, I’d booked these as part of Olivia’s Christmas present so we were really careful who we told and swore everyone to secrecy!

You can never be sure how they adapt a screen play to theatre land but we didn’t need to worry – it was brilliantly done. 

There were plenty of references to the film and all the great scenes I love were worked in however there were a couple of twists to allow the show to be on stage.  The songs were catchy and the staging cleverly done – there was even a little Santa surprise which was truly magically! I also liked the fact there was some old school tap dancing in it which you don’t really see much of these days.

Ben Forster did a brilliant job at filling Will Farrell’s boots playing the part of Buddy and had certainly picked up on some of the mannerisms whilst still making the role his own. 

Kimberely Walsh took the role of Jovi so not a huge part but she was also good.

However the star of the show for me was Jenny Dale who plays Deb Mr Hobbs’ office assistant – she was witty and her one liners had me chuckling away.

The show is only on until 2 January so try and book if you can…if not, fingers crossed that they do another run in 2016!


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