Stepping out of your Comfort Zone

As she drove towards the city centre, the knot inside her stomach tightened and she could feel her heart rate quicken with anxiety.  She wasn’t 100% sure where the meeting place was, neither did she know anyone that would be inside the pub other than people that she had “spoken” to over a Twitter Group she was in. She had expressed her concern to the Twitter Group that week and had received plethora of messages from other nervous attendees who would be on their own – “come and find me…I’ve got the sparkly bag” said one, another promised everyone was friendly and nobody would be left on their own.  As she found a parking space, she took a moment in the car to compose herself – ‘you can do this…and it will be fine on your own’, she said to herself.  She walked into the pub, nervously looking around.  The barman quickly spotted her and asked if she was looking for the event being held.  He gave her a glass of wine and pointed in towards the doorway.  Taking a big gulp of the drink, she took a deep breath and made her way in.

At the end of the evening, she knew that she had worried unnecessarily – everyone had been lovely, it had been great to put faces (& real names) to Twitter handles and she was looking forward to the next event.

The above story was me, last week going to an event, on my own as a local business owner and blogger.  I am not the confident one – I am the shy, quiet one who listens in the group rather than be the talker.  If I’m with family or my friends then it’s different – they are my comfort zone.   John will talk to anyone about anything – I don’t like to be in big groups of people where I don’t know any one.  I hate confrontation of any kind and will always do my best to avoid it or be the peacekeeper.  A lot of these traits were seen in my Myers Briggs ISFJ report that I did a couple of years ago and also part of my Pisces Horoscope.

Your comfort zone is somewhere or something that makes you feel confident and comfortable – it gives you ease and familiarity in situations.


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Anyone who’s ever pushed themselves to get to the next level or accomplish something knows that when you really challenge yourself, you can achieve some great results – be that in the gym, joining a new class, testing out a new recipe rather than cooking the same dinners every week, quitting a job you hate and doing something you love.

Blogging has given me more confidence – I take part in several weekly chats now and will be hosting my first one in the coming weeks, something I never thought I would do.  This might seem pretty small to some but to me it’s quite an achievement.

Having my own business has also helped with my confidence – new clients / business is not going to fall in my lap so I have to push myself to make new contacts, find new work.  The mortgage and bills aren’t going to pay themselves.

Trying new things isn’t easy – we all know it’s extremely difficult to get into a new habits and easy it can be to break those habits.  I’ve had 3 weeks away from the gym recently due to an injury and when the physio said I could go back, the struggle was REAL!

What have you done recently to step out of your comfort zone?!



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