Living with Dogs

For those that have been reading / following the blog a while now will know we’ve got 2 dogs – Roxy who’s 10 and Connie who’s 2.

Things that are apparent when having dogs…

Getting home…

It doesn’t matter if we’ve been out for half an hour, a day or two weeks they are ALWAYS so pleased to see us.  We’re still trying to train Connie not to jump up when we get home but she’s SO excited it’s like she’s got blinkers on and can’t think straight.

Selective hearing…

Oh they have some selective hearing that’s for sure – if we’re on a walk, 90% of the time they will respond to ‘here’ command however…if something or someone has caught their eye then nothing can stop them!

In contrast if the cupboard door opens where the treat tin is then they are by your side like a rocket in anticipation of a biscuit coming their way.

Endless love…

It’s no surprise to our family and friends that Roxy is very much Johns dog, she loves him SO much. If he’s not here she will sit on his chair in the office or on the sofa waiting patiently – every car that goes by she looks up expectantly.  Quite often she won’t eat either…

These two dogs will love us no matter how we’re feeling – if we’re happy, sad, celebrating or comisterating they will always with us.

A shadow…

Connie follows Roxy everywhere. I distinctly remember bringing Connie home and for a couple of months Roxy would look at any visitors wondering if they were going to take this little bundle of madness away.  Poor Roxy’s life has never been the same!

Talking of shadows, they’re always following us around too!! I can’t have a bath without Connie crying at the door…so if I let her in she stands with her front paws on the side of the bath staring at me (I can only imagine this is what a mum feels like!!!)

A sixth sense…

Dogs just know – they have a sixth sense when it comes to certain things.  If either of us are feeling poorly, the dogs are aware something isn’t right.  If we’ve had friends round that are pregnant, Roxy will come and sit by them on the sofa and rests her paw on their tummies!!

They also know if we’re going out for the day or away for the weekend – they can sense change is afoot.

Fussy eater…

This really only applies to Roxy. I’ve never known a dog be SO particular about what she eats or how she eats it.

There’s only 2 certain types of tinned dog food that she likes.  There’s probably a handful of dried dog food she likes. Because of these two things we tend to give them both to ensure Roxy actually eats something. However don’t be thinking you can just shove it in the bowl and be done. Don’t mix the wet and dry food together – one side of the bowl for dry, one side for wet…if it’s mixed together then there’s no chance of eating.

Talking to yourself…

No, I’m not talking to myself – I’m talking to the dogs!  I find myself chatting to them constantly, especially if I’m home alone.  If the dogs aren’t here, then it’s really really strange.  Connie has a habit of tilting her head if you talk to her so it looks like she’s actually listening to you.

We’ve recently had a portrait of the dogs done by the lovely Tamsin of Higgledy Ink – you can take a look at it here.

Although they can be a complete pain in the backside we wouldn’t be without these two scoundrels!!



  1. 25/04/2017 / 2:31 pm

    Haha how cute are these 2 little puppers?! Some times I could send Percy (my cat) back to a rescue as he’s such a pain, but I know I couldn’t be without him. They become your besties

  2. Lauren
    27/04/2017 / 11:11 pm

    Aww what beautiful dogs! I love having my dog around, as annoying as she can be at times ha

    Lauren | Lauren the Daydreamer

  3. 03/07/2017 / 8:45 pm

    Aww they’re beautiful, a friend of mine had bedlingtons and they’re such lovely dogs! Your two look gorgeous 🙂

    • happywiseowl
      03/07/2017 / 10:04 pm

      They may look it – but they can be terrors some times!! ?

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