Lunch pitstop at Hunter & Sons

I was first introduced to Hunter & Sons by our accountant a couple of years ago.  Tucked away in Milsom Place in Bath away from the busy tourist areas, Hunter & Sons definitely feels like a place where all the cool kids hang out.

Offering great coffees and a selection of craft artisan beers plus a good small food menu, Hunters has got everything you could want. 


We stopped here for a cheeky midweek lunch between some client meetings so alas no beers for us this time round.  We both chose bacon, poached eggs and avo on sourdough (very blogger).  The bacon was served super crisp whilst the eggs were deliciously soft and runny. 

What’s more, Hunters are passionate about working with other local independents and source everything within the region where possible.

If the craft beer side of Hunters takes your fancy then they offer a free taster before you buy if your going for a beer on tap – that way you know if your going to like the 9% IPA that was on offer when we were there!  You can purchase your beer in a third, a half or two thirds so you can really get through all on offer if that’s your thing.

If Bath is on your travel list this summer, be sure to pop in – if your a local and haven’t tried Hunters then I urge you to get there pronto!!


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