Tenner Treat – Gentleman’s Afternoon Tea

Every year Bath holds the Great Bath Feast – 2 weeks where restaurants offer amazing foodie deals including the Tenner Treats.

The list of events and deals is incredible ranging from Malbec Wine Tasting to Pizza and Beer Fest (gonna miss this – boo!).  We decided to give the Apex Hotel Tenner Treat – a Gentleman’s Afternoon Tea.  Unfortunately we’re away for the second week so we’re missing out on lots of great deals.

The Apex is a new hotel only opening at the end of August 2017.  There are still signs of its ‘newness’. There were wall signs being hung and staff were still a little unsure of what was going on. Our tea was forgotten and had to be chased but not a complaint by any means.

This was no ordinary affair offering delicate finger sandwiches with an abundance of cake. This was ‘man food’!

Wooden shelves were bought out adorned with beef sliders, mini fish goujon and a chunky chip with tartar sauce, sausage rolls, scotch eggs made with quail eggs, cheese scones and pork scratching straws with apple sauce PLUS potted mackerel toast. I think it would have a nice touch to have the option of it being served with half an ale rather than served with different teas. Everything was delicious and my favourite was probably the scotch eggs (I’m not usually a huge fan!)

afternoon tea

Gentlemans Afternoon Tea – Tenner Treat

The Gentleman’s Afternoon Tea is normally £36 per person so this Tenner Treat was an superb deal.  (Our party felt the usual £36 a little overpriced).

The Great Bath Feast runs from 23 September to 8 October so get yourself over to the city and get eating!


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