I’m not going to lie…I love to travel – as a reader of this blog you’ll probably already be aware of this (read my reasons to travel blog here).  Ever since I worked in a travel agent at the age of 17, I’ve been fixated with visiting different places.  Somewhere on my wanderlust list is Thailand…and here are my reasons why!

The Beaches

It probably goes without saying that Thailand has some of the most beautiful beaches.  The white sands and turquoise water makes for the perfect Instagram photo!  The most well recognised for us is Chaweng in Koh Samui as this is where the Beach was filmed (can you believe that’s nearly 20 years ago?!).  The water is warm and clear allowing you to see SO much different marine life either whilst you swim, snorkel or scuba dive.

The Little Bit of Everything

Of course, there is more to Thailand than the amazing beaches.  There are busy cities to be explored, plenty of cultural hotspots to see from temples to palaces and ancient ruins, trekking through jungles, and island hopping to see more of what’s on offer.

The Luxury for Less

Everyone’s idea of luxury in a hotel can be completely different.  Some of us look for stunning views, excellent service, fluffy towels and super soft bedding.  You can get some amazing accommodation in Thailand for next to nothing.  The Bamboo Beach Bungalows in Koh Phayam look fabulous at £4.50 – £32 per night.  The clapboard huts are scattered on rocky outcrops and amid trees, all with sea views for £58 per night in Koh Samet and a private sandy beach is a step away.  Staying at the Sala Samui Resort through Destination2 wouldn’t go amiss either!

Bamboo Beach Bungalow

The Food

I absolutely love a good Thai green curry or Thai basil chicken.  We’ve got a wonderful little Thai restaurant in the next town to where I live.  We took some friends there that had just been on their honeymoon to Thailand and they said the food was equally as delicious as the food they’d had whilst on their travels.  I’d love to wander around the streets or visit the floating markets and pick up some of the delicious street food that’s on offer.

Have you been to Thailand?  Where would you recommend I go?!


*this post is written in collaboration with Destination2.co.uk

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