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With summer getting here soon, it makes sense that you want to find out about which destinations are the top ones for coasts and beaches. There are many different types of coastal resorts you can head to, so to help you decide which of them is best for you, here are some travel destinations to consider. They display just how much variety there is out there for anyone wanting to spend summer by the sea. So read on and learn more about these intriguing options.

Nice, France

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Nice is in the South of France, and it’s undeniably one of the most impressive coastal locations in Europe. The sea is a stunning blue, rivalled only be the sky overhead. And it also has a fantastic harbour areas, as well as some of the most upmarket hotels you’ll find anywhere in the world. It’s like entering another reality when you visit Nice, and it’s probably one you won’t want to leave.  This is definitely somewhere that’s near the top of the travel hit list!

South Shore in Nova Scotia, Canada

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If you’re looking for a North American option for your coastal break, don’t be restricted to the US because Canada actually has a lot to offer in this department as well. The lighthouses and villages you find in places like Nova Scotia, and in particular the South Shore, are very cozy and welcoming. Sure, it’s not Nice or Spain, but it’s a beautiful stretch of coastline.

The Chilean Fjords

Chile might not be the first place you think of when you think of heading abroad for a coastal holiday.  Did you know that Chile has the longest continuous coastline of any country in the world. The mountains surrounding you are beautiful, and the waters are always calm and settled. At some times of the year, you can witness the fog descending down from the mountains and hanging over the water.

Moreton Bay, Australia

On the East coast of Australia, you’ll find Moreton Bay not far from Brisbane. It offers just what you’d want from an Australian coastal break, so don’t rule it out. Moreton Bay Cruises are available for people who want to take advantage of the waters, and the beaches in this part of the world are great too. It’s the kind of place that’s suited to people looking for nothing more complicated than sun, sand and sea.

San Sebastian, Spain

Spain is hardly short of beaches and stunning coastal locations, but which of them is best of all? For many people, the answer to that is clear: San Sebastian. It combines the convenience of the city with a very pleasant beach area, so it’s definitely a place that you should consider visiting. It can be pretty busy in the summer though, so keep that in mind.  We drove through San Sebastian when we travelled to the South of Spain a couple of years ago and we regret not scheduling in a stop!

For many people, getting away from everyday life and having a break is all about spending time by the sea. With so many stunning coastlines around the world, it can be hard to make your decision on where to head next. But hopefully, the ideas that we’ve covered here will provide you with some inspiration.


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