Wadworth Brewery Tour

Wadsworth Pumps

JB and I did a tour of the local brewery, Wadworth which is the home of the famous 6X beer.  You’ll probably realise I’m a bit of a gin girl however in the chillier months I do like a pint of proper beer!

The Wadworth Brewery was established back in 1875 and is an independently owned brewery.  There are just 9 family breweries left in the UK so I felt this was a great addition to my Keep it Local section! 


The tour starts with brief overview of the brewery.  Originally established some 140 years ago by Henry Alfred Wadworth and now has 217 pubs in the area.  The most well known beer, 6X, is 95 years old this year!  The ‘recipe’ uses gravity as part of the aid for fermenting so you start the tour climbing to almost the top of the building.  The brewery is built on it’s own water well however this is no longer in use as gas works were built and unfortunately contaminated the supply. 

The Wadworth Sign Shop

One of the highlights of the tour (for me) was a visit to the Sign Shop.  You’ll be surprised to learn that Wadworth are still producing hand written / painted signs for all of their pubs.  The signs were so intricate and incredibly detailed – you could tell a LOT of love goes into each sign.

Barrels o’Beer

Some 86,400 pints can be made in one brew…which is the same number of seconds in a day! The beers are made to order due to the short lifespan of the product which is around 3 months.  It takes approximately 7 hours to brew and 7 days to ferment each batch…and probably 7 seconds to down a pint!  

Sadly, we missed out on seeing the three shire horses, Max, Sam and Archie who were on their annual summer holiday.  These horses are used to traditionally deliver beers to pubs that are within a 2 mile radius and can be seen on the streets of Devizes on most days.

If you’re looking for a gift with a bit of a difference, we’d definitely recommend this.  The tour finished with the opportunity to sample all 7 beers that are currently on offer…and they are not small samples so make sure you get a lift!  (I was the nominated driver on this occasion.)




  1. Erin
    23/08/2018 / 9:23 pm

    Ooooo it looks so good! Hope you had a lovely time!

    Erin || MakeErinOver

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