2018 – Life Lessons

The end of 2018 is fast approaching and as ever it provides a time to sit back and reflect on everything that’s happened. I think it’s important to take time to think and remind ourselves of what’s really important.

Both work and personal life have been extremely busy. It’s only now that there are no calls on my time that I can really unwind and prepare myself for the year ahead. I’m definitely not someone that sets resolutions – if you want to change something or take a different outlook on life you certainly don’t need the calendar to tell you to do so.

So what has 2018 taught me…

I am thankful

There is so much to be thankful for. Living our lives at 100mph we often forget to be thankful for the small stuff. I live in a beautiful home filled with love from both my husband and our two dogs. I’m fortunate to work from home in my own business. This year we have been to New Zealand, Dubai, Croatia AND New York. I’ve dabbled with a gratitude diary in 2018 and I want to carry this forward into 2019. To take a moment before bed each night and write down 3 things that I have been thankful or grateful for – whether that’s signing a new client or having a cup of tea in bed before starting the day.

I Am Me

Self doubt has crept in big time over the second half of the year. I am enough? Am I a good enough wife, daughter, sister or friend? Why would people want to work with me when there are lots of other virtual assistants out there? This year has highlighted that you can only be one person and that is yourself. Trying to be someone you are not isn’t being true to yourself. I’ve learnt that you cannot change other people’s perception of you. The friends I have, many I have had for 10+ years (and in some cases 20 or 30+ years!). They know the real me. It’s taken me a few months to remind myself that I am a good, kind and selfless person.

I CAN do it!

This year one of our businesses, Boatman Admin Services has really come into its own. In its third year of trading, we were chosen for the #smallbiz100 awards – of which there were only 2 other independent businesses in the county. When I left my old job, I had zero confidence. I never thought I’d end up with an award winning company! I am capable of more than I realise. We’ve worked really hard on the business and I shouldn’t doubt myself so much and instead celebrate the good times as they come.

What have you learnt from 2018?! Happy New Year everyone!



  1. Erin
    29/12/2018 / 11:40 pm

    I’ve definitely learned you get out what you put in. 2018 was incredible to me, but wow have I worked my ass off for it! Hope 2019 brings you every happiness lovely!

    Erin || MakeErinOver

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