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I would welcome the opportunity to work with companies that have products that they would like to be reviewed, however here on Happy Wise Owl I will only collaborate on something I that I know I would spend my own hard earned cash on.

I will of course highlight any sponsored posts and always give my honest opinion.

Happy Wise Owl has joined the Amazon Associates program – this means that if you follow a link via a blog post marked with an asterisk (*), and then decide to buy that product, I may benefit from a percentage of the purchase price.

Whenever I share a product or brand I’ll always tell you if I’ve been compensated in any way, either labelling the post as ‘collaborative’.

I can also offer Virtual Office assistance through our new company Boatman Admin Services if that is something you require.

Stats for May 2018:

  • Twitter – 1160 followers
  • Facebook – 265 followers
  • Bloglovin – 50 followers
  • Instagram – 440 followers
  • Blog page views – 856

National companies I have collaborated with include…


Local companies I have worked with…

Graphic to follow

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