My Day in Photos #BEDM 23

Something a little different today…I’ve been documenting my Monday in photos…so what have I been up to?!

6:45am – Spin Class!

I’ve been going to spin or RPM class for about a year now. It’s a love / hate relationship for sure! Monday classes are tough, it’s early & my body is in shock!

8:00 – Refuel

Today’s breakfast of choice was banana / raspberry / almond butter & milk plus a teaspoon of chia seeds. 
8:30 – Work work work work!

Lots to get through today – my desk isn’t exactly ‘blogger’ like, more ‘office’ like!

11:00 – Elevenses!!

1:30 – Lunch…& I was so busy eating, I didn’t take a photo!

2:30 – Bespectacled 

We had our eyes retested last week so it was back to collect them today. Mine are for driving, John’s are for computers.

We also noticed that a new Patiserrie Valerie has opened…CAKE!!! 

3:30 – Dog walking

The usual run around at the Gallops for the dogs today.  Connie has had an eye infection over the weekend but has cleared up nicely with the drops from the vets.

5:00 – work work work work!

7:00 – Dinner…again, too busy scoffing so no photo!

I did notice however that our clematis has finally begun to flower…I thought I’d managed to kill it at the end of last year!

8:00 – & RELAX!!

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