Saturday Story #3 – The Bartenders Tales

He stood behind the bar, polishing the glasses that had just come out of the steaming dishwasher and looked at the clientele that frequented the bar that cold, autumnal Thursday evening.

An elderly gentleman was sat in the window, engrossed in today’s paper and pint of ale.  The bartender knew that the gentleman’s wife would be down to join him shortly as she had done the previous evening to have a G&T before dinner in the hotel’s restaurant.

A middle aged harassed looking man, probably on business, was sat frantically tapping away at the keyboard of his laptop, probably answering all the emails he hadn’t had a chance to do whilst in the meetings he had been in all day.

A stunning 30 something woman, sat at the other end of the bar nursing a glass of Prosecco.  The bartender wondered if she had been stood up, or if she was waiting for a client to arrive as he had seen her here many times before but with different men.

Finally, tucked away in the dark corner of the bar sat a couple, who he didn’t recognise – they were sharing a bottle of the expensive smooth red wine and were deep in conversation looking lovingly into each others eyes.  Their hands were clasped under the table, and the lady kept looking around the bar to see if they were being watched.  Was this an affair or just two people so caught up in the relationship they didn’t want any interruptions?

As the bartender looked around, he wondered who would be in tomorrow night and what they’re stories would be…


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