Should we stay or should we go?!

I suffer with terrible wanderlust.  I’m always planning the next holiday…sometimes before we’ve already been on a holiday that’s already booked.  I’m constantly looking at holiday brochures, reading travel blogs such as Monica’s @thetravelhack , Catherine over at @luxlifeblog and Angies @silverspoonLDN blog see where they’ve been, what they can recommend and where’s a different destination to try.  I get a pang of jealousy if anyone is going away, regardless of where it is and have a huff that “I never go anywhere” – which is complete and utter nonsense!! A looooonnnnnggg time ago, I worked in a travel agents in Bath (which is no longer there!) and have NVQ levels 2 and 3 in Travel & Tourism.

We’ve got our next escape booked for January (3 months to go!!!!) but already I’m wondering – “where next”…

.  In the summer holidays we discussed taking a holiday over to  Spain in the Easter break with my step-daughter plus friends of ours who also have a daughter of a similar age.

As a passing comment, I said, wouldn’t it be nice to go over there for a longer period – say 6-8 week?!  We talked about it briefly but never pursued it.

Over the last couple of months though, my comment keeps coming back up in conversation…mostly over dinner with a glass of wine and particularly now the weather has properly turned colder and we’re starting to look at it seriously.

A couple of weekends ago, I started writing a list of all the things to look into (it’s almost a page of A4 now).  We’re not going to the other side of the world, neither is it a developing country but there’s SO much to think about…here’s snippet of what we’re currently looking into:

  • Can we run the business from the villa?
    • What will we need to enable us to “run” the business?
    • Laptop or normal computer?
    • What about the post that arrives back in the UK?
  • When should we go / how long should we go for?
  • Can we afford to keep our home running, plus have the additional expense of living in the villa – we can’t expect to live there rent free…the bills have to be paid over there as well
  • What about the dogs?  We can’t leave them here for 6 weeks which then leads into a whole other load of questions…
    • What requirements are there for travelling with dogs (passports / vaccines etc)
    • Can dogs go on the Eurotunnel? (yes…)
    • Will they be OK in the car for such a long period of time?
    • What if the dogs get ill?
    • Will they be OK the in the heat (if we are lucky)?
    • Dog friendly hotels must be found
  • How will we get John’s daughter over to the villa?  She’s too young to fly on her own (by about 4 months), plus she lives up north.  Can we fly back to Liverpool / Manchester and back to Alicante in a day?
  • How much “stuff” do you realistically need to take?  Will it fit in the back of a VW Golf if you’ve already got 2 dogs in the boot space?
    • Do we need a roof rack?  We would probably only use it for this trip so seems a waste of money…

Anyone who knows me, knows I love a plan, likes to know exactly what’s going on and am extremely organised – I think that’s why my question list is ever growing.  It can’t just be a “lets get in the car and see what happens” trip.

We’ve talked about it with a few friends, family members and business clients who have all said that it will be great, go for it, it’s a great opportunity, you don’t have anything holding you back and I’m 90% sure they are absolutely correct and it’ll be an amazing adventure.

So…should we stay or should we go?!?!




  1. Michael Barry
    14/10/2015 / 6:31 pm

    Just do it. I bet the list of “why not” will be very short

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