What’s in the box?!

I took delivery of this box on Friday after placing an order with Nutriseed on Tuesday of last week.


We’ve dabbled in this “clean eating” craze on and off for a couple of months as John has had some health issues and has been seeing a nutritionist to try and help after all the various tests had come back clear.  She recommended that we bought a blender or juicer to help increase the amount of green leafy veg in our diet so after much researching we decided that the Nutribullet Graphite 8-Piece Set (*) was for us.


Nutriseed are a fairly new company offering best quality, all-natural ingredients and are passionate about healthy living without ramming it down your throat like so many people seem to do these days.  Everyone has an opinion on what we should and shouldn’t be eating…it’s SO conflicting as well.  They offer wide variety of goodies from dried cranberries to macha powder and oolong tea to spirulina.

Our goodie box contained:


The nutritionist also advised John that he needed to get more zinc into his diet and that pumpkin seeds were a great source that could be added to smoothies, or into flapjacks (we love one of Delicious Ella’s recipes) or sprinkled onto porridge.

Which leads me nicely to our next purchase…Nutriseed’s Superfood Porridge!  It’s packed with goji berries, chia seeds, flax seeds and cranberries which gives you plenty of protein, nourishing fats, digestion-aiding fibre and a wealth of vitamins and antioxidants.  We both had it for breakfast on Sunday and were both suitably impressed.  It was quick and easy to make (always a winner) and tasted yummy. It kept us both full until lunchtime even after my 645am spin class on Monday when I’m usually ravenous!

Before I’d ordered it, I contacted the helpful folk at Nutriseed to ask if it was gluten free (John has also been advised to cut down on it a little – no allergy just avoid if and when possible).  Unfortunately it isn’t but I couldn’t help but laugh when within their response they asked me if I knew where to find a unicorn (if anyone knows, please let them know!!!

Our final purchase was the chia seeds, again to be added to our smoothies as they filled with fibre, protein, omega-3 fats (another recommendation from Gail), vitamins and minerals.  Deliciously Ella strikes again with her chia seed breakfast pudding which I make now and again.

The generous folk also added in a little sachet of wheatgrass for us to try and it included little recipe card on how to use it – luckily for us, it’s for a smoothie!!

I’ll definitely be placing another order with Nutriseed in the future and adding a few new things to the mix including the wheatgrass and maybe the Total Greens.




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