3 Lifestyle Blogs I Love!

With a whole world of bloggers out there, I thought I’d share who’s adventures I’m following and the bloggers I aspire to be like!!


Love Audrey (aka Frankie) came to our wedding with her “Wedding Reporter” hat on and wrote the most beautiful story / memoire of our day that has become one of our most cherished possessions.  I love that some days, when things are tough in the LA household, Frankie asks followers to “send gin” and never shy’s away from the fact that when her husband is away, single parenting is bloody hardwork!

Sunday evenings are when she pings up her “My weekend has mainly been spent…” posts which make Sunday evenings just that little bit brighter.  I’ve also been enjoying her new Weekend Prompts whereby she shares something that’s been of interest to her and cover things like new recipes she’s discovered, books she’s been reading or just treating yourself to a yummy breakfast (we’re yet to try her Nutella French Toast recipe!)


Rosie has a lifestyle blog that covers bits of everything.  What I particularly enjoy in Rosie’s blog is that she writes so freely about things that play on her mind like accepting that being OK is fine or her feelings on being”lost” in life.  She often writes exactly how I feel but can never quite emulate on paper (or blog).  She also recommends some podcasts that she’s listened to whilst on her tiresome journey to work or books she’s stumbled across that have helped her clear her mind a little.

She’s also had a couple of little city breaks over the last year or so which have jumped out at me – Porto and Copenhagen.  Two places I’d never have thought of going, but now reading Rosie’s blog and seeing the photos we’re now considering both!


Last but not least is xAmeliaX.  Amelia made the decision to do full time blogging last year and it’s something that I can completely relate to – I also quit my “proper” job last year and it looks as though neither of us have looked back since.

I love watching Amelia’s weekly vlogs and reading her various posts reviewing different things from hotels to theatre, restaurants to crazy workouts and beauty products in between.

I felt really sad to see her get so upset on her vlog recently about some nasty comments she’d received that I felt compelled to reach out to her via email.  She sent such a lovely response, which I wasn’t expecting as I know she’s busy busy busy!

I feel like these ladies are people I could be friends with if our paths crossed in “real life”.

What blogs are you reading at the moment and do you have any recommendations?!

I’ll also be sharing my favourite travel bloggers in the next few weeks.




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