Spain – Weeks 1 & 2

These first two weeks have gone past really quickly – the first 3 days were spent travelling so the first week was a short week anyway!

Most of the first week has been spent just unwinding, relaxing and reacquainting ourselves with the area – it’s been 3 years since we visited last.  It feels like a holiday at the moment but it feels strange to be away with the dogs.  They are slowly settling into this new way of living, Roxy’s favourite spot is on the sun lounger whilst Connie is on constant poolside patrol.

We found a doggy day care / hotel in the local area and paid them a visit.  Susan and Clinton of The Dog Grove Hotel were extremely friendly and welcomed the dogs with open arms.  They have been living in Spain for 13 years and are from the UK.  We decided that it would be a good idea for the dogs to spend a couple of days here and there with them so that they could get some good exercise and we could explore a little further afield without having to worry about the dogs too much.  One thing we’ve really noticed is that there isn’t that many places to walk the dogs where they can be let off the lead for a run.

We’ve visited Moraira with the dogs and had some lunch by the marina.  We’re really surprised with how well the dogs are doing in such social situations.  We’d never take them out and about into the town with us at home.  They are nosey, of course but eventually settled down and watch the world go by in the hope that someone will come and say hello or give them a naughty bit of food.

After dropping the dogs off one day at the Dog Grove, we headed north up the coast Gandia where we’d never been before.  It has the most amazing sandy beaches with clear calm waters which I think stretch on for at least a mile.  We walked along the Arenal, stopping to take some photos, have a drink and just relax for a while and watch the world go by.  After a couple of hours, we got back in the car and went a little further, however because of the time of year most places are still closed.

We’ve had Easter weekend.  Easter Sunday was a little strange – no chocolate for breakfast or Easter Eggs…they are few and far between, however we did manage to find a little chocolate bunny (along the lines of Lindt) so had that in the evening whilst watching the last episode of The Night Manager.

Easter Monday saw us head out for the afternoon to Denia with the dogs.  We went to the marina end of the town and the dogs joined us for some mid afternoon tapas.  Again, they were well behaved, had a bowl of water and tried the patatas bravas. ;o)  We’ve also discovered a fairly long walk along the beach that we can do with the dogs although it’s nothing compared to the Beckhampton Gallops they race around on at home!  It’s probably about an hours walk so it’s certainly tiring them out!

We also visited Javea this week which is another holiday hotspot in the region.  It’s got a big cove area with a lovely sandy beach with clear water and then bars / cafes / restaurants along the front.  We had a “business meeting lunch” which saw me have paella for the first time…chicken…NOT seafood!

In between all these outings we have been doing work!!! We had a list of tasks that we really wanted to tackle whilst we were here which we don’t get round to doing at home so it was good to get going on this and feel like we’ve achieved something!

All in all, not a bad start to the 6 weeks!










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