Positively Primal #BEDM 11

I did wonder what to expect of this book given the title – anyone that knows me knows that camping is not my thing and turning into a caveman is a no no!

Positively Primal: Finding Health and Happiness in a Hectic World by Emma Woolf concentrates on taking 14 sections of ‘life’ and looks at how to take away the ‘nasty’s’ to allow you to have a more fulfilling, slower, simplistic life.  She provides practical advice without being pushy, bossy or down right impossible (as is the case in other books I’ve flicked through).  She compares our busy, hectic, frantic lives we live today to that of our grandparents, great-grandparents and beyond.

When you stop to think about ‘the olden days’ things were a lot slower, people were healthy (no fast food) and spent a lot of time outdoors.  Shops were shut on a Sunday and Wednesday afternoon…can you imagine if that happened now – there’d be outrage!!

According to Emma, Going Primal can include:

  • Switching off from technology (something I’ve written about here)
  • Having meat free days (not necessarily becoming a full on veggie or vegan – but that chapter certainly opened my eyes a little)
  • Being more economical in what you do – you don’t need to join a gym, have expensive equipment or ingredients
  • Removing manufactured activities such as the gym – get outside and run / walk, or our current mobile phone / technology obsessions

These are not hard and fast rules – you can take as little or as much as you like away.  If you’re struggling with sleep, friendship, work, exercise, beauty or spirituality, there’s a chapter for you.

It’s an easy read and some of the information isn’t new (like mindfulness) but it’s good to refresh yourself on these things every now and again.

Something that caught my eye, just in the introduction chapter is the term “stuffocation” – the concept and effect of having too much stuff in your life.  What’s been really apparent during our 6 weeks away was that we survived with just one suitcase full of clothes between us.  Admittedly in the UK you do need extra jumpers, jeans, raincoats, scarfs etc to get through these weird weather fronts but I didn’t get bored of the clothes I had with me.  When we were unpacking back in the UK, my side of the wardrobe barely looked as though I had taken anything out.  We’ve got an abundance of stuff we just don’t use so I’m going to start clearing out and getting rid of things.

I really enjoyed thisbook – if you’re looking at slowing things down a little, then it’s def worth a read!

*This book was sent to me by Summersdale publishing for review



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