Monday Musings #BEDM

Are we all addicted to our smartphones?

Today’s prompt encourages us to look at a topic that will allow our readers to ponder over.

We live in a world where our phones are pretty much a constant in our world.  No longer are mobiles for making a call on.  We can do EVERYTHING on them now, from taking photos and editing them, shopping, finding a partner on dating apps, keeping up with celeb gossip, watching our favourite TV shows and checking our emails and updating our social media apps so that everyone else can see what we’re up to.

We’re contactable 24/7 via these little devices and can be located using various settings if we haven’t disabled them.  There’s literally nowhere to hid.


Credit – Deathtostock

Smartphones are a useful piece of technology – there’s no denying that.  However, we’ve become so dependent on them.  If we’re lost, we bring up Google Maps, if we want to find somewhere to eat, we ask Twitter or check reviews on Tripadviser.  Teens can’t seem to go anywhere without checking what the internet coverage is like and then asking for the wifi code whenever they go to a new place they’ve not connected to before.

The only time I don’t seem to check my phone is when I’m abroad on holiday.  Do I miss not being connected…not really.  Do I miss not keeping up with all the latest on social media posts by celebs, bloggers and friends…not really.  It’s quite liberating and I always think that I’ll carry it on when I’m back in the UK.  Before you know it, the plane has landed, the phone goes on and the catch up process begins.

You go to bed for an early night and before you know it, you’ve spent an hour on emails, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and Snapchat.  You wake up in the next morning and you go through exactly the same process as the night before…what could you possibly have missed in the last few hours?

It seems odd to write this as a blogger – I’m guilty of taking photos whilst we’re out, putting down blog ideas in my notes, and keeping up to date with my emails and putting out notes on social media to encourage people to read my blog.

Is it time we all took a digital detox and set aside some new rules?  No phones in the bedroom (difficult if you use your phone as an alarm), no phone time after 9pm, remove social media apps in the evening and just use them at the weekend and no phones at the table when you’re in a pub / cafe / restaurant!!

How would you do a digital detox…or could you even cope without your phone?!




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  1. Nikki
    02/05/2016 / 8:17 am

    Yup 100% guilty of everything you just mentioned. 🙂

  2. abzisstory
    02/05/2016 / 8:27 am

    We have a no technology while in bed rule. So we can use the alarm but if we’re struggling with insomnia we have to physically get up. I think we can be a little too dependent on our phones. I check social media way too often

    • happywiseowl
      04/05/2016 / 7:39 pm

      I’ve met someone today who has NO social media…& they are in their 20’s!!! I couldn’t believe it but thought it was refreshing!

  3. shazza
    03/05/2016 / 5:37 am

    I struggle without it now during everyday life.But I have tried a couple of things to help.Like the above blogger i have a no technology in the bedroom rule.Ive bought an old fashioned alarm clock so i dont use my phone alarm now.I keep my phone switched off on hols and turn it on for five minutes each night incase there are any important messages.Im considering not taking my phone at all when we go away later this month and giving anyone relevent the hotels number! X

    • happywiseowl
      04/05/2016 / 7:38 pm

      We’ve got a radio alarm but my phone still sits on the bedside table – I’ve also heard people put the phone in the drawer…might try that!

  4. katyslittlecreativelife
    04/05/2016 / 7:33 pm

    Guilty as charged! I am trying to make a conscious effort to hide my mobile in the evenings though.

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