Get Off Your Phone!!

We live in a world where our phones play such a huge part of our lives.  We use them as an alarm in the morning, we store our music and photos on them, we bring them to the bathroom, the dining table, the bar – we constantly keep them close.  I’ve talked previously about how social media affects our day to day lives – you can read that post here.   As a blogger, it’s difficult to stay away from Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat when you want to promote your work and keep engagement with followers.

In this post, I thought I’d share a few things you can do to step away from your phone for 5 mins, an hour, a day or even a weekend!

  • Read a Book – pick up a book that you might have started a few weeks / months ago.  If you’re stuck for a recommendation, have a look at my recent reviews 1, 2 and 3.
  • Have a conversation – OK so you MIGHT need to use your phone for this one…but actually call someone and have a conversation with them, especially if it’s someone you’ve lost touch with recently.  Have a conversation with those that you live with – how guilty are we of putting the TV on after dinner and just zoning out to the latest Netflix series?!


  • Cook a meal from scratch – find a new recipe from those books that have been sat on your shelves for months or cook an old favourite.
  • Get outside – breath in the fresh air, take in what’s around you and actually look up!
  • Try leaving it at home – shock horror!  If you are popping out (perhaps on said walk) or to the shops, leave the phone at home.  Would you be brave enough to leave it at home all day?!
  • Make a list – of all the things you want to do or in fact need to do THEN take 30 minutes to actually tick a couple of things off that list.  Is there anything more satisfying than crossing through things on a list?!
  • Clear out your junk – take some time to go through your wardrobe or a cupboard that holds all sorts of ‘stuff’ that you’ve never used.  Either donate to charity, throw it out if it’s broken or try to sell using eBay or DePop


  • Sort through photos – we’ve all got 100’s if not 1000’s of photos that are stored electronically.  Remember the days when you would actually print photos out and pop them in an album?!  I’ve started putting together yearly albums plus holiday albums.  We have a great album of shots from our wedding that guests took, rather the professional ones.
  • Exercise – drag those trainers out from the back of the cupboard and find your gym membership card that’s been knocking around for a while.  Go for a run, get on your bike or do some yoga, whatever your choice, make that butt move!

What do you do to keep yourself away from your phone?!


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  1. happywiseowl
    31/08/2016 / 8:40 pm

    It’s SO easy to end up wasting an hour looking at social media!!!!

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