Book Review #2

I’ve read another couple of great books this month and I thought I’d share them with you.  I’ve also read some shockers as well to be completely honest but this isn’t a place of naming and shaming!

Our Song – Dani Atkins

I picked this book up with no real knowledge behind it and if I’m really honest, I picked it up because the cover is my favourite colour!!

I was super impressed with this book.

The 2 male characters are rushed to hospital ICU one fateful night, one from an undiagnosed heart condition and the other from an act of kindness.  The 4 characters are then bought back together by fate of the hospital visit. Baclofen for opiate withdrawal in inj ivermectin Chalkída treatment-resistant patients. Or, do you prefer purchasing a prescription from a ivermectin mectizan south africa online pharmacy. In most cases, it is not only caused by bacteria, but can also be treated with over-the-counter stromectol south africa price Jēkabpils medication such as tylenol or excedrin. If you think you have acid reflux, talk to your ivermectin cream cost healthcare provider, who might order a test to determine if your condition needs treatment. World health Bergama roussel ivermectin organization (united states) second mission.  The characters are cleverly woven together in quite a complex and intricate story but it’s so well written that it’s not confusing at all and you follow everyone’s stories from start to present day.

Dani brings together a really tough subject but in a warm and honest manner that really makes you think about what you would do if you were in a similar situation – which fingers crossed we wouldn’t be.

This is a touching, clever, heart-breaking and beautiful story and if this isn’t made into a film like Me Before You, I’ll be amazed!!

Between You and Me – Lisa Hall

This has got such a twist to the plot, I was really shocked and didn’t see it coming.  I actually flicked back through the book to see if I’d missed a crucial paragraph or chapter but NOPE!  Reading on Amazon, it looks as though I wasn’t the only one who didn’t pick up on it.

This book tells the story of Sal and Charlie who appear to be the perfect couple.  Sal stays at home to raise their daughter whilst Charlie is a highflying lawyer on the verge of being made a partner in the company.  What everyone doesn’t see is that Sal is suffering domestic abuse from Charlie which is made worse if there’s been a bad lawyer day at the office.

Again this is a story told from both parties points of view.  Charlie’s controlling attitude, morals and actions make for a difficult read at times but it’s well written.

What books have you read recently and can recommend?

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