Curry…with Love!

So it gets to the weekend, you’ve had a busy hard week at work and if you haven’t got plans for a Saturday night, I’m sure many of you will be found reaching into the drawer to locate the local takeaway menu.

If you’re anything like us, we REALLY over order – there’s 2 of us but we still MUST have about 7 dishes between us.  This then leads to massively overeating, feeling bloated and then having a stack of leftovers that the next day just don’t look quite so appealing…

With the help of  Curry with Love I took on a challenge of making a curry faster than our local Indian could deliver…which on a Saturday night is around an hour.

This amazing company has grown purely by word of mouth since 2011 and I am helping to share the curry love!


The lovely Clare sent me over 3 of their spice mixes to make our Saturday night curry and these included:

Pilau Rice – £1 / Bhuna – £3.75 / Spicy Spinach & Potatoes – £1

They were SO easy to make – you just needed to add a handful of ingredients that you probably have in the cupboards already; chicken, tin tomatoes, potatoes, spinach and rice.  The whole process probably took around 40 minutes in total from getting everything out of the cupboards, chopping, cooking to serving it up.

What’s more is that these spice mixes have no nasties in and are both gluten and dairy free.


I would definitely order all of the mixes again – there are lots of other choices on the website including all the favourites such as Rogan Josh, Tikka Masala, Madras, Balti, Korma etc etc etc!  They’ve also got a pulled pork mix and a red Thai curry mix which I have my eye on.

I think these little spice mixes would also make a great gift for any curry lover you might know – they actually do a couple of gift packs including Curry Madness, Gift for a Foodie, and a Dine in For 2.


So if you’re in a bit of a cookery rut, want to try something new or just want to have a Saturday night treat without it being 2 days worth of calories in one sitting, I highly recommend Curry with Love!!!



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