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There are hundreds of monthly subscriptions out there now, for snacks, for beauty products, for “time of the month” and for food, however little did I know that you can subscribe to have a very special delivery once a month…cocktails.  Yes, cocktails delivered to you door which includes everything you need to make them up – you literally just need to add ice – WINNER!

This little treat comes from MicroBarBox who’s tag line is “get that Friday feeling”.  Last Friday my November box was delivered.   This month’s theme is James Bond – needless to say the Boatman house was very excited about this, being HUGE Bond fans (& have already seen Spectre TWICE in the first week it was released!).

The drinks are packaged up in a beautiful black box, padded out with pink and green tissue paper – super pretty.  You receive enough alcohol / mixers to make either 4 “regular cocktails” – this month being  Vodka Martini, (shaken not stirred of course!) Americano, Apricot Brandy and Apricot Crush.  You could also have opted do the more adventurous cocktails – Apricot Brandy Smash and Vodka Negroni.  There’s an instruction card that tells you what goes with what and how to mix it.  You also get some snacks to go with your drinks – this month was olives…very Bond!

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John opted for the Americano (Bond’s first cocktail in Casino Royale) which was Martini and Campari with some ice.  I knew straight away that I wouldn’t like this one as I’ve tried Campari whilst on holiday in Italy a few years ago.  Unfortunately it wasn’t to John’s taste either, the only way I can describe Campari is that it almost sucks the moisture from your mouth!!

I went for the Apricot Crush which was made up using Apricot Brandy, rose wine and soda water which was nicer!

Not only can you treat yourself to a subscription but they’ve also made it easy to treat a friend. MicroBarBox offer themed gift boxes including various Variety, Cocktail, Christmas, Thank You, and Chocoholic.  If you’re really stuck for a present for someone and want to give them something a little different I think this is perfect.  As a new lover of gin (thanks Julie!!) I would really like to try one of the gin “one off” boxes (G&T, Fruity Gin, 7 Gin Heaven and Gin Cocktails).

At the moment, you can try a one off box for just £14 – I’d highly recommend it!!  It’s a great way to try some new cocktails that you wouldn’t necessarily try if you were on a night out plus you get some really interesting brands who again, you might not have heard of before – this month’s Vodka Martini was made using Chase Vodka…an English brand!!

This was the second box we’ve received and I think the first box was a little bit better than this particular box – maybe it’s because I don’t like Campari…or olives!  Looking forward to see what December’s box brings!



This post was written in collaboration with MicroBarBox


  1. sydneyroseshine
    18/11/2015 / 7:46 am

    Sounds like a great present! X

    • happywiseowl
      18/11/2015 / 8:09 am

      Isn’t it a fab idea?! I know I wouldn’t be disappointed if I opened this as a pressie!!

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