PAWsome Delivery!

We’ve all  heard of monthly subscription boxes for food, beauty, gin, cocktails and spices but did you know there’s now one for your pets!

The guys at Pawsome sent us this box for Roxy and Connie last week and despite being the most FUSSY dogs known to man, they have been suitably impressed!


Each month you will get sent:

  • 6 products suited to your dog’s profile,
  • Delicious treats, toys, accessories and hygiene products
  • Super savings : the price of subscription to the boxes is much less expensive than the value of the products included!

So without further-a-do lets have a look at what was in this month’s box.


A packet of Good Boy Mini Bites which will be really useful for distracting the dogs on a walk or using as training treats.

There was also a pack of Jerky’s chew strips with beef which I can confirm were gobbled up instantly!


Connie can’t wait to get started!


We have the Nufnuf Organic Carrot Toy –  Connie will destruct any toy that is presented to her and this looks as though it will last more than a day.  Nufnuf are a European company that have launched products that will not upset dogs tummies should they digest any part of the toy.  These toys are made from cotton, jute and real leather.

We also received a Rosewood Sonny Monkey Dog Toy.  Connie is yet to find the squeak BUT I’ve taken this a real blessing as you can guarantee that Connie will find her noisiest toy when we’re trying to watch something on the TV.

Roxy doesn’t get too much of a look in with the toys as Connie hasn’t learnt to share!  ;o)


Finally, there was a Noah’s flea comb plus a United Pets poo bag dispenser which you can attach to your lead.  We have a stash of bags in nearly every coat pocket and in both of our cars as you can guarantee one of us will forget to grab some when we leave the house!

You can get a one off box for £19.90 and then there’s a 3 month, 6 month or 12 month option.  The contents of the box will be determined by the size of your dog.  They also do a monthly box for all you cat lovers out there.

I think this is really good value for the amount of goodies you receive for the pets that we love and think of as part of the family.

So don’t leave your pets out, order them little treat from today!


*this post may contain affiliate links – this box was sent to me via @pawsomeboxUK however all opinions are my own
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