Life is Short…

Something a little different today…

Life is tragically cut short sometimes – we’ve seen some pretty terrible news in the last few weeks from the Orlando shooting where people were enjoying a night out to the tragic death of Jo Cox who was merely doing her job – this has really made me think about ‘living life’

We all know life is short; to make each day count and we never know what’s round the corner.



Life is not all about material things – I’m a firm believer of not keeping things ‘for best’. Why spend your hard and well earned pennies on something you’ve lusted after (and possibly saved for), for what could be months only to then hide it in the cupboard and only drag it out on special occasions. So yes, I use the Michael Kors handbag that I had for Christmas every single day, I wear the beautiful jewellery I’ve had given to me or have had left to me by grandparents.  Some days I wear the fancy clothes that have been hiding in my wardrobe even if I’m just popping to the shops….OK maybe not the dresses I’ve bought for winter balls, people will think I’ve lost the plot!!

Eat the cake, chocolate or pudding and drink the fancy champagne. I’m not saying do this every day…your waistline might not appreciate it but don’t look back on your life and wish you’d eaten all those delicious goodies and not worried so much about the calorie count!


Take some time to call up your family members you may have not spoken to for a while, arrange to meet friends that you may have fallen out of touch with.

Spend some time for yourself.  I think the buzz word of the moment is self-care. Take a bath, read a couple of chapters of your book, get an early night or just take yourself out for a walk and breath in the fresh air.


Treasure these moments and live for now…you never know what’s around the corner.


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  1. Debbie Barry
    22/06/2016 / 11:47 am

    Very well said!!!

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