50 Lifetime Adventures – part 2

Following on from my post earlier this week here’s the second 25 out of the tin of 50 Things to do in a lifetime Tabletop Game.

  1. Ride a camel in the desert
  2. Go wild in Rio during carnival
  3. Write a fan letter to a movie star
  4. http://paisleyproperties.co.uk/property/mountfield-avenue-waterloo-huddersfield-hd5-8rd/ Go to a huge sporting event – Done!  I’ve been to see Arsenal play with John numerous times now.  We were also lucky enough to go to the Olympics in 2013 and see Usain Bolt win the 100m, we took Olivia to see the Commonwealth Games in 2014 and the Anniversary Games in 2015.  I’ve also seen Bath Rugby play at Twickenham so I’ve definitely crossed this one from the list!
  5. Take a Ferrari for a test drive – this would be SO much fun!!
  6. Wuchang Volunteer for a charity – Done!  I volunteered at a local charity in Wiltshire for a couple of months last year.  I’d love to find another one for this year.
  7. http://heathstreethealth.nhs.uk/wp-json/wp/v2/users/ Spend New Years Eve in an exotic location – Done!  We’ve spent NYE in Dubai and then on a plane somewhere over Europe on our way to our honeymoon!
  8. Take a gondola trip in Venice – I’ve been to Venice, however didn’t do the gondola trip given how expensive it was and was with a group of friends rather than it being a romantic trip away!
  9. Dye your hair a mad colour – probably not going to happen!
  10. Have your handwriting analysed – I’d where to buy ivermectin uk really like to have this done…if anyone knows how, please let me know!
  11. Ride a Harley Davidson
  12. Go skydiving – Done!  I did this for charity a few years ago and it was AMAZING!  I’d definitely do another one!!
  13. Buy a metal dectector and look for hidden treasure
  14. Climb a mountain – my Dad & step mum have a house in Wales so I’m sure we’ll walk up Pen y Fan at some point..!!
  15. See the Northern Lights – this is another holiday we’ve talked about and again it’s quite an expensive trip.
  16. Milk a cow
  17. Have your portrait painted
  18. Go to a classical concert
  19. Be an extra in a movie
  20. Go to the opera and listen the fat lady sing
  21. Learn a foreign language – Done!  As long as you can include German GCSE…!!
  22. Ride the trans-Siberian express across Alaska
  23. Do a parachute jump…see 12!!
  24. Take a trip in a hot air balloon – Done!  I did this about 7 years ago as a prize in a competition I’d won.  It was over Bath so really local to me and we went near the River Severn and could see the mountains in Wales.  I’ve NO idea where the photos are from that day though…
  25. Fly first class on a plane – Done!  Although in worrying circumstances.  I was in Paris for work and got a call in the middle of the night to say that John was being taken to hospital.  Luckily I was with my brother who can speak fluent French so he was able to assist in getting me home!!



Out of a possible 50 activities, I’ve managed to do a total of 16…more than I thought to be honest!

There’s definitely some there that I’d like to get ticked off the list.  If any of you know how I can go about doing these I’d welcome the recommendations!!




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