50 Lifetime Adventures – part 1

For Christmas I had the 50 Things to do in a lifetime Tabletop Game

Inside the tiny tin, it holds 50 little cards of recommended amazing things you should do in your lifetime.

I wondered in my almost 35 years on earth how many of these things I’d managed to achieve…so without further ado let’s have a look!

  1. Go to an outdoor festival – I would quite like to do this but Emma and camping are never put in the same sentence!
  2. Swim with dolphins (I haven’t actually swam with dolphins but I’ve been on a boat trip to see dolphins…)
  3. Stand on the international date line – done!  We visited Greenwich a few years ago and managed to tick this one off
  4. Appear in a police lineup
  5. Go for a midnight picnic
  6. Busk for a day – No chance!!
  7. Shower in a waterfall – Done! Whilst on our holiday in St Lucia we visited a waterfall and showered underneath it…I hated it!
  8. Go deep sea fishing and eat what you catch – No chance!!
  9. Go stargazing
  10. Go skinny-dipping – No chance!!
  11. Learn a musical instrument – ..Kind of…my Dad tried to teach me to play the guitar when I was growing up, I was absolutely useless at it!
  12. Stage dive
  13. Dine out at a Michelin starred restaurant and send a course back to the kitchen…partly done!  This has a funny story behind it…we arrived in Hong Kong on the way back from Australia and were really tired, hungry and jetlagged.  We were treated ourselves by a stay in the Shangri-La and couldn’t really be bothered to venture out for food so decided to trot down to one of the restaurants.  We didn’t even bother to get changed so found our room and went straight down…both wearing our jeans, trainers and hoodies.  It wasn’t until the next morning I read in the hotel literature in the room that we had in fact been in the two Michelin starred restaurant that evening!!  Oops!!!
  14. Act in a play – No chance!!
  15. Go to a movie premiere –  I’d love to attend a premiere, although this would lead to all sorts of problems around what to wear!! 
  16. Throw a coin in the Trevi fountain*
  17. Visit a fortune teller – I’d be interested in this or seeing a physic…something about the whole thing intrigues me… 
  18. Go for afternoon tea at a snazzy hotel – Done!  We’ve had many an afternoon tea over the years however now that JB is dairy intolerant I fear this may be not be quite as often now (have a read of our Bowood experience)
  19. Plant a tree
  20. Drink a really expensive bottle of champagne – Done!  I’m assuming that Moët & Chandon and Veuve Clicquot are expensive enough to fulfil this one…or are they talking Bolliner or Dom Perignon?!
  21. Have a full body massage – Done!  Quite possibly the best massage we had was on our recent holiday where it was outside listening to the waves – bliss!!
  22. Take a candlelit bath with a loved one – Done!  No need for detail here!!!
  23. Take a boat trip whale watching (see 2)
  24. Go on an African safari – this is something we’ve talked about doing a few times, but it’s not a cheap holiday.  Need to save the pennies in order to see the Big 5!  My Dad also lived in Kenya for a few years so I’d love to visit.
  25. Get snapped by paparazzi – I think they only way this will happen is by doing 15!
*I’ve seen the Trevi fountain but not thrown a coin in…will have to go back!!

The photo of me holding the bouquet was taken on our arrival at the Shangri-La in Hong Kong so know you can see why our 2 Michelin Star experience was a crazy!!

I don’t think I did too bad from the first 25 out of the tin…I’ll be posting Part 2 later in the week so watch this space!

Let me know what you’ve achieved out of this list so far…!




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