Breakfast Beginnings

This week has been National Breakfast Week!

We usually have something super quick in the week like toast (jam for John, Marmite for me), cereal or porridge. At the weekend we like to linger a little longer and indulge in bacon rolls, Johns speciality omelettes  with lots of various fillings or my newest finding Eggs in Purgatory by the lovely Nigella (a blog on this will follow soon…)

With the most important meal of the day being celebrated and the yummy Allington Café having a free cup of tea with each breakfast ordered I hot footed it over on Thursday morning to met Anna and little Joseph.

The Café is part of the Allington Farm Shop – I’ve spent many a lunchtime in the café over the last few years when my workplace was literally 5 minutes up the road.  The food served is locally sourced, tastes amazing and has a relaxed atmosphere.  It’s good for breakfast, cake (the cake is SOOOO good), lunch, picnics, afternoon tea and they also do takeaway.  

The normal breakfast menu is really varied with the usual traditional fry ups (from “Café”, “Healthy” and “Big”) to Allington Eggs whereby any form of egg on toast is offered and then the super healthy fruit platter, granola and yoghurt.  As it’s NBW, they also have some specials such as banana & hazelnut muffins or corn beef and black pudding with poached eggs.

Anna and I both settled for the Allington Muffin Breakfast which consisted of two poached Eggs, mushroom on a toasted muffin topped with two slices of crispy bacon (mine was ordered without mushroom…food of the devil!).


We were SO busy scoffing our faces, I actually forgot to take any photos of the surroundings…blogger failure right there!

   But as you can see from the first photo above, the portion size was HUGE and despite it being absolutely delicious we both failed to clear the plates.  Unfortunately Anna wanted a decaf tea with her breakfast and this wasn’t included in the deal so I had both cups of tea – winner for me!!!

If you haven’t been to the Allington Café and Farm Shop, I’d HIGHLY recommend it!!


PS – thanks to Anna & Joseph for joining me…and for the treat!




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