Boatman Hunting…

Boatman – Noun

“A mariner who earns a living by transporting people

As you may know, my marital surname is Boatman…however the Boatman I’m married to most definitely does not earn a living by transporting people – in fact he doesn’t like travelling on boats!!

In the 6 years we’ve been together we’ve stumbled across a few establishments with the Boatman namesake and after a bit of research there’s a few more on our hit list.

Our first sighting was the Boatman Cafe in Bowness on Windermere which we found whilst on our mini moon back in 2013. Unfortunately we never made it in there for a cup of tea or cake or such treat…maybe we’ll have to return!

On a visit to Windsor this summer to meet our friends Sarah & Mark we were told that Sunday would involve a visit to a pub with our namesake.

However this was a double whammy…not only was the pub called the Boatman but there was also a beer called Eton Boatman!

So our hit list…

A restaurant in Bath called The Bathwick Boatman which we visited several years back.

There’s another pub in Bath called The Boater – not quite inline with the name but almost…

A cafe in Bradford on Avon called The Lock Inn that serves a ‘world famous’ Boatman Breakfast.

The Jolly Boatman is a pub based along the canal near Oxford – I think this might be worth a visit in the summer so we can sit outside and enjoy the sun…remember that?!

Is there any Boatman establishments in your neck of the woods that we should investigate?!  Let me know!!





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