Saturday Night is Date Night

I was really pleased to open the  Date Night Cookbook (*) which was delivered when we were holiday – it’s right up our street and having a date night is something we try and do every now and again especially now we’re an ‘old married couple’!!!

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When I saw the tweet that Rebecca was looking for people to review her book, I told her about our Valentine tradition of shunning restaurants etc and having a picnic at home in the lounge with lots of yummy tapas type food (served on a picnic blanket) and candles – she knew straight away that we’d find a place for her book in our lives.

The simple of idea of this book is just genius – date nights for nights at home when you want to make a normal night in just that little bit more special, which is exactly what we did last night!

For each date night there is a starter, main and pud.  Each recipe is simple to follow and easy to make plus there’s no weird ingredients that you have trek round the supermarkets for which is a bonus in this day of clean & healthy eating!

After much deliberation I decided on the Movie Marathon chapter which included Sharing Nachos to start with (these are a WINNER with me, I could eat them ALL DAY EVERY DAY) followed by Home Cinema HotDogs and Sea Salt Carmel Popcorn to finish…


We didn’t manage to make the Sea Salt Caramel Popcorn given that

  • I’d forgotten to buy the Carnation Carmel
  • We were SO full up from the Sharing Nachos and Home Cinema HotDogs!

John declared all of it was delicious and that it was nice to do something a little different for a change on a Saturday night.

Other dates include Indoor Tent Nights (featuring S’mores!), Afternoon Tea, Under the Stars and Dining in Paris.  I think I’ll be rustling up a few more of these recipes in the coming weeks!

So, what was our movie marathon of choice…not quite a movie but we’ve become addicted and engrossed in Making a Murder on Netflix – so we watched 3 episodes back to back.

This book would make a great little present for anyone – those trying to impress new partners or for couples who are trying to save some pennies and not go out for dinner or just want to do something different with their date nights!



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