Football Widow

John is a HUGE Arsenal fan and a couple of seasons ago his name FINALLY got to the top of the 8 year waiting list for a season ticket.  He was so excited and his little face lit up like a child’s on Christmas morning!!!

This means, that a couple of times a month I’m left as a football widow whilst he takes himself up to the Emirates for the day or evening.  I occasionally go with him as his friend has a ticket which is 2 rows in front of his but I’m not worried about going to every match! Watching football live is MUCH better than seeing it on the TV.

As you may know, we work together now so we spend a LOT of time together on a day to day basis.  I know that’s a weird concept to some people and quite a few of our friends have said they’d never be able to work with their partners but for some reason with us, it just works.

I always think on the days I’m left home alone that the time will drag or wonder what I’m going to do.


Sometimes I think to myself that I’ll get all those jobs round the house done that we’ve been meaning to do for ages (like pulling together our 2015 photobook, taking stuff to the charity shop, sorting our spare room that often has junk dumped in it, or catch up on the chores.

Other times, I might meet up with my Mum and spend some time together – my parents divorced when I was little so I grew up in a house where it was just Mum and I so we both enjoy spending quality girlie time together away from the our husbands.

I always take time to walk our dogs (if it’s not hammering down they’re strange little dogs as they don’t like the rain!) – this can be quite a challenge sometimes as I always get the leads tangled and neither are particular well behaved on the leads!!!

…and then on the odd occasion, I’ll have a day sat on the sofa, reading my favourite blogs, flicking through magazines, clothes or travel catalogues that have been delivered, or watching all the rubbish TV shows that John doesn’t like (back to back KUWTK, Orange is the New Black, American Horror Story to name a few!!)

football widow to use.JPG

More often than not, he’s home before I know it and the day has disappeared and I haven’t done half of what I had planned!!



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