A review of Origins Products

Origins products have slowly been creeping into my skin care routine over the last couple of years.  After suffering with acne for a good few years, I’m really particular about what I use and constantly worry about trying something new in fear of an outbreak.

What I love about Origins is that there’s no nasty’s in their products so they’re free from Parabens and other harsh chemicals and it’s in place they use potent plants, organic ingredients and 100% natural essential oils.

Origins to use

So here’s the three products that have replaced some of my old go to faithful products.

Drink Up Intensive Mask – £23 for 100ml

This product has been an absolute god send.  It was the first Origins product I’d ever used after my dermatologist recommended it whilst on a course of Roaccutane a few years back.   She said it would help with the nasty dryness this medication can cause and she wasn’t wrong!  My skin literally drank it up as soon as it was applied and in the morning you could see my skin was clearly more hydrated and all the dry patches had cleared up.  Obviously I’m always a little dubious when it comes to skin care and if it’s going to break my skin out and I needn’t have worried.  I’m still using this product on a weekly basis and it’s really good for this time of year where your skin is subjected to freezing temperatures, chilly winds and central heating blasts.  Its quite a thick product so you don’t need a ton of it so a tube will last FOREVER.  The smell is divine…reminds me of Petits Flous yoghurts!

Checks and Balances Cleanser  £18.50 for 100ml

It’s taken me absolutely ages to find a product like this I actually like.  I tend to use this product in the mornings and my skin feels refreshed after using it without that weird tight or pulled feeling some cleansers can create.  It’s a strange consistency – a little like marshmallow fluff but you only need a tiny squidge; a little goes a long way!  Despite it being a “foaming” cleanser which I’d read conflicting reports about, it remains creamy.  I forgot to pack this on our recent holiday and I could really tell the difference in my skin, even after 10 days of not using it.

Super Spot Remover £15 for 10ml

Despite being on Roaccutance (not once…but twice…lucky me!) I still get the occasional spot.  This is great at relieving the redness and then correcting the “post blemish darkness”.  I ordered this online and was surprised by how small the bottle is, but again, as with the other products, you just need a tiny dot on the questionable area.  as it’s quite a drying product, I wouldn’t recommend slathering it all over your face…I’ve accidently wiped some excess onto my cheek (where no spot was present) and it made that patch really dry…I shoved some Drink Up on there and all was well!

Do you use any Origins products and have any recommendations for me?









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