Should we stay or should we go – 3

We’re doing it…we’re going to live in Spain for 6 weeks…you can read my other posts on this here and here

We’ve sorted out the dog passports, they’ve had their rabies injections and we’ve spoken to the vet about getting anxiety medication for the long journey in the car.  We’ve also ordered the Scalibor collars that have been recommended to us.  We’ve added overseas travel to their insurance.

We’ve bought a laptop…that I’m currently using to do all my blog activities on – we’ve loaded up all the work related software we need on it and everything seems to work without any hiccups.  

We’ve booked our Eurotunnel crossing and added the dogs on.

We’ve FINALLY decided the route we’re taking and it’s going to be a test for both us and the dogs.  We’re hoping that we can do the trip with just two overnight stops (it’s 19 hours non stop driving) and that the dogs will be OK particularly on the last day as it’s an 8 hour journey.  We do have a back up place to stay overnight if we feel we need to rest.


We’ve bought dog harnesses and they are slowly getting used to wearing them in the back of the car.

We’ve booked the hotels, advised them that we’re bringing 2 dogs (thanks to my brother for contacting them and asking them in local language!!)

What we haven’t done is book any of the return journey as yet, this isn’t because we’re thinking we won’t come back…it’s because we want to see how the route is, what the hotels are like and MAYBE look at going back a different route.

We’ve decided to only take one suitcase between us as we’ve got so many other bits and pieces to take…this is freaking me out a little – I like to have LOTS of choice and we’re not 100% sure what the weather will do so we’ll need summery stuff and then jeans / jumper / raincoat for if it’s not…I guess it’s ONLY 6 weeks and I’ll try to be brave.

We’re a mixture of excited, apprehensive,  happy it’s all booked, nervous about the prospect of the long drive ahead, motivated to make sure both business can run OK without us in UK etc etc etc!

& so the countdown begins…




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