Turning 35

This month I turn 35 and before anyone starts, I know this isn’t ‘old’ but I’m shocked that I’ve reached this figure already.  I don’t feel 35, I still feel 25.  Sometimes I catch myself thinking ‘am I living my life right?’ but what does that mean?

The photos above are of my 34th birthday – a day at Cheltenham Races and an theatre trip to see Wicked.

Don’t get me wrong, I have a pretty fab life – we have a beautiful home, I have a loving supportive husband, I have a great family and wonderful friends, we run 2 successful businesses from our home and we’re going to live in Spain for 6 weeks.

I’m torn between wanting to travel the world more, being sensible with money and save to allow us to move house and then the age old question ‘what about children’?  If I’m honest I never thought I’d get married, let alone have children. I still don’t think I’m ready…will I ever be?!


Are we ‘living’ enough – do we spend enough time with our families, our friends or each other? We work together and obviously live together but we still need to spend ‘quality’ time together and not talk about work or how are we going to train the crazy puppy. It’s so easy to crash out on the sofa every night and watch trash on the TV especially this time of year when it’s chilly and wet.

Social media can be both a help and a hindrance – some people appear to have all their shit together but I know we can all post pictures and write about the great stuff without letting the reality be known. The moment I do start to compare I try to change my thought pattern and be grateful for what we DO have.

I’ve come to accept that I’m never going to be a size zero (who are we kidding, I’ve literally just stood and ate Nutella straight from the jar…) I like crisps / beer / wine / chocolate /  cake too much so I’ll just keep dragging myself to the gym in the knowledge that if I don’t, my jeans won’t really fit properly!!

I saw these two quotes on facebook a few days ago and think we could all listen to this advice sometimes…


“Live your life to your happiest, do what makes you feel good and don’t compare yourself to others”



Who knows what my 35th year is going to bring but I’ll make sure I embrace it!


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  1. Michael Barry
    07/03/2016 / 9:33 pm

    Some very nice thoughts and true comments. To me Life is always trying to get the right balance and trying to make a good life for you and the people you love. Living today but keeping an eye on the future.

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