Cascara – a hidden gem!

You’re never short of somewhere for a coffee and cake pitstop during a busy day of shopping or sightseeing in Bath.  There’s Starbucks, Costa’s and Cafe Nero’s coming at you from every angle but I like to try and and find somewhere that’s independent where you know you’re going to get good quality products and service with a smile every time!

I’d never heard of Cascara until about 2 months ago when I met Roger from Radiance Wellbeing there – he told me to meet him in his fav cafe for a coffee before seeing his new spa (I was invited for an exclusive look before anyone else!).  He really raved about this place and I can certainly see why…I’ve now been in for tea and cake on almost every trip into Bath in the last couple of months!


Co-founded by the lovely Ana and Jay almost a year ago to the day, this cafe is tucked away in the Upper Borough Walls (which is the road that runs opposite The White Company).  Don’t be fooled by the tiny entrance – there’s extra seating upstairs and downstairs.  Cascara in English means the cover of the coffee bean which they brew in the summer to make cold brew.  In Spanish it means the peel of a fruit – when you peel something, what is left over is the “cascara”.

There’s a selection of teas and coffees as you’d expect but also juices and blends where you can also chuck in some super nutrients if you’re feeling particularly virtuous that day.  They also have a huge selection of dairy free milk including from soya, hazelnut, oat and rice.


Ana also makes all the cakes herself – and all are gluten free.  There was great Colombian chocolate cake, white brownies and raspberry and marshmallow cake on offer today to name a few.  There was also a vegan coconut cake (which John sampled…and we failed to take a photo of…blogger fail!!)


Cascara is decorated out in bright colours with Spanish music playing which is reflective of Ana being born in Colombia and raised in the south of Spain.  There’s a super friendly atmosphere and a resident little dog seated in the corner keeping a careful eye on all the customers.

Next time you’re in Bath, be sure to visit Cascara!!



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