Another day – another drama

When I joined the blogging world, I did it for me. I created my own little space where I could write about what I wanted…when I wanted.  In the two years since starting HappyWiseOwl I’ve had a lot of super support from some great blogging ladies (& chaps).  What I didn’t expect to see was the barrage of ‘blogging drama’. What’s more is that I seem to have noticed it increase in recent months. I’m not sure if this is because I’m connected with lots of different people now or it’s just getting more ‘common’.

where the blogging drama happens

I’ve lost count of the various ‘drama’s I’ve witnessed.  For me, bots being used to gain followers is a big no no.  Grow your audience organically – yes it’s a pain in the backside but at least you know it’s true to you. I’ve seen bloggers accused of creating fake accounts and then ‘online bullying’ themselves.  Why would you do that?! Who’s got the time to do that?!  I’ve read an article about how beauty bloggers are wasting their voices and there are more important things to be talking about.   The list goes on…and on.

Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook or YouTube is your opportunity to get your opinion or voice heard but don’t lets forget who’s watching.


Most of us bloggers have a list of brands that we’d aspire to work with.  What would they think of this online drama that you’d somehow become tangled up in?  They probably wouldn’t want to attach themselves to your ‘brand’.

Other Bloggers:

If a blogger that I’ve been following gets massively caught up in the drama, I’d probably unfollow them.  I’m not interested in snide behaviour I’m afraid.  It’s not ‘cool’ to be in the gang that slates other bloggers.

Family / Friends:

What would your grandma say if she knew you’d been involved in the latest drama?  She’d probably be disappointed that you’d stooped to such levels.


What’s happened to bloggers supporting other bloggers? If there’s a blog post you love, share it. If you’ve taken the time to read it, comment on it.

We’re not in the school playground anymore – we shouldn’t be behaving like children.  Can’t we all just be nice to each other?!  If you see a drama unfolding…just don’t get involved and keep your integrity securely intact!



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