Mrs Potts Chocolate House

Whenever we go out for a meal, we struggle to find a good pudding for JB – there’s only so much sorbet someone can eat and in winter it’s not the most ideal! He does miss a good piece of cake, chocolate, tart – infact any sort of sweet treat! I’ve been following Mrs Potts on Instagram for a long time and after finding out they have a vegan alternative for almost EVERYTHING on the menu we couldn’t get there quick enough!

Located in Park Street in Bristol, it’s central to all the main eateries – staying open til 10pm means that if you’re struggling for a pud after a meal Mrs P has the answer!

The small cafe is bright and airy with a counter stuffed with goodies – cookies, cupcakes, cakes, cookie sandwiches…and more!

We had a party of 3 so we’re able to sample a big selection (for blogging purposes obviously!). We had a tea, a cookies and cream milkshake, an oat milk hot chocolate, a vegan cupcake, vegan cookie sandwich, a brownie and a blondie…!!!

it’s safe to say we were very impressed with everything on offer – my blondie was sufficiently gooey in the middle and not sickly at all. JB’s vegan alternatives were incredible and not a hint of coconut to be found which is great for me!

We’ll definitely be returning to Mrs Potts Chocolate House.

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