Saturday Story #7 – Chris' Blind Date

“Bloody city traffic!” he thought to himself.  He was going to be late and this was the one day he didn’t want to be.  Chris was on his way to meet his blind date, Sarah, who was a friend of a friend.

They’d arranged to meet in a little coffee shop he knew in Bath that was tucked away from the main tourist drag.  He thought there would be lots to do in the city if they got on well over coffee.  They could walk around the beautiful old city, get the open top bus tour, grab some food from one of the many restaurants  or take in the history of the Roman Baths.

Relationships hadn’t been his priority in the last couple of years as he’d left his job and decided to set up his own architect company.  It had been busy and successful from the beginning and had employed someone to help with his admin / book keeping as he never had time to do these things.  He worked on the jobs that were going to bring in the money, not spend hours pouring over VAT returns or debating which envelopes he should order.

His mother kept on at him about meeting a “lovely young lady” and to slow down with work, live for today and enjoy some free time.  He knew deep down she was right but getting the business up and running had been so important to him.  All his friends were happily married and teased him about his bachelor life.  Initially it hadn’t bothered him but the last six months or so he began to feel lonely in the evenings or at the weekend when he was at home especially now the weather was turning and the colder, darker nights were drawing in.  He often thought he should have someone with him on the sofa, snuggled up under a blanket sharing a bottle of red.  If he mates knew this, they’d have a field day!

His attention turned back to the traffic which was now moving.  He was 5 minutes away and still had to park  Should he call Sarah to let her know or just chance it?  Should’ve left earlier he thought to himself, not faff about debating what to wear.

Finally he managed to find a space and briskly walked through the busy streets to the café where he hoped Sarah would be.  He had a fleeting thought that she wouldn’t turn up and he be left waiting anxiously only to be let down.  Allowing that thought to quickly disperse, he got to the door of the café, put his hand on the handle, took a deep breath as he pushed the door open.  “No going back now” he thought to himself as he smiled across the room to the woman he hoped was Sarah.



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