Saturday Story #8 – Sarah's Blind Date

Sarah was waiting in the artisan coffee shop nervously sipping the steaming latte.  She had purposely arrived early as she wasn’t sure where this meeting place was and didn’t want to burst through the door all flustered and bedraggled from the raging wind.

This blind date had been set up by a mutual friend.  Sarah had a few dates in the past months and they’d mostly been disastrous.  Internet dating, Tinder and speed dating had all been good fun but when it came to actually meeting the guy, the spark was never there.  She wondered if she was going to be alone forever – at 35 she had watched all her friends marry, have children and then some had even divorced.

Of course, she was nervous but she had a good feeling about today.  Little things had happened which she took to be a positive sign – her hair had actually behaved itself and the new outfit she was wearing made her feel confident.  She’d even managed to do her makeup subtly without giving away she had tons on.

Her date was called Chris, he was 37 and worked as an architect within his own business.  She knew nothing else about him but her friend insisted they shared the same passions, interests and values.

She glanced at the clock on the wall, 10 minutes until the agreed meeting time.  One of her pet hates was people not being on time and wondered if this was going to Chris’ first downfall.  She had been tempted to order a slide of the delicious homemade cakes to go with her latte but had decided against it.  She hadn’t wasted all that time in the gym for nothing over these last few months!

She watched a young mother with a toddler in a highchair, the toddler defiantly rejecting his lunch but mum was not giving in easily to him.  The minutes ticked slowly past, the latte now cold in front of her.  Suddenly she saw a tall gentleman rushing towards the door through the busy crowds.  As he put his hand on the door she could sense him stop for a brief moment to compose himself and she immediately knew it was Chris.

Chris approached her table, a big grin on his face – she immediately felt relaxed and thought “this is it…”


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