London calling…part 2

As you probably read, I went to London to meet my brother last week.  Whenever I go to London, I never really know where’s good to eat and ultimately end up in a chain that I’ve heard off before.  So this time round I decided to contact a few fellow bloggers and get some insider knowledge!  After going through various recommendations we decided to go for Mole Taco Bar as mentioned by Catherine [email protected]

The decor is bright and cool with skulls dotted around and on the walls.

The menu isn’t huge but what was on there all sounded delicious. Whilst we were browsing the menu, we sipped on cocktails and munched on the most amazing guacamole (which had pomegranate in) and tortillas.  A word of warning, Alex’s Pisco Sour was STRONG!!!!!!!!

After much deliberation we opted for several plates and shared it between us which included:

  • Hoisin Duck Taco with black habanero and spring onion
  • Chipotle beef shortrib Taco with sweet potato hay, radish and jalapeno
  • Cochinita Pibil Taco – pulled pork, micro coriander, pickled onion and avocado
  • Peruvian Chicken Thigh Skewers with tequila, aji Amarillo

The duck taco was by far the clear winner – we probably could’ve ordered another plate of them!  The photos aren’t that brilliant and don’t do it any justice as we were super hungry and wanted to tuck straight in!

On a weekday afternoon they offer a generous 30% off the bill so 4 plates of food, the guacamole and 2 cocktails came in at a very reasonable £48.

We both agreed that we’d go back there although I think if you didn’t have the offer, it could be quite pricey – sharing plates always seem to add up pretty quickly in my experience.

Do you have any favourite restaurants when in London you could recommend?!




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