Creating an Extra Income Source

Guest Post written by John Boatman

Who doesn’t want to earn a little extra money each month.

We’ve all heard of stories about people earning thousands of pounds every month outside of their regular occupations.  Most of us (especially in the UK) straight away think – “what’s the catch?”.

Many of us “go online” everyday to deal with emails, look at the news or sport, check Facebook, listen to music, message our friends and family, play a game or even arrange a meeting.  Some of the smartphones that we use are hardly used as phones anymore.

Many people are now making money online everyday and some of these people are even making money for just going online via their smartphones from apps that pay them for watching music videos, playing games, completing surveys, reading adverts or even for just searching the internet!


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According to the Health Surveys 2012, 65% of the population gamble in one form or another.  In addition to traditional betting on sports like horse-racing or greyhounds, betting shop customers now bet on a variety of sports and events, from live football matches to who will win X-Factor or the General Election – not forgetting the National Lottery or Euro Millions!

In the past, I would have a £5 or £10 bet on a football match or a high profile horse race like The Grand National or the Cheltenham Gold Cup.  Even though we want to win every time most of us understand that the chances are limited and that the “house always wins”.

Have you heard of Matched Betting?  I started to see positive stories about Matched Betting while looking online earlier this year.  Matched Betting has been around for years.  I started to research this interesting area – looking at websites, Facebook and Twitter pages along with reading blogs about peoples’ experiences.  A number of times my research pointed me towards Profit Accumulator.

I started Matched Betting with the help of Profit Accumulator at the beginning of March and by the end of the month I had made a profit of over £1,000.  A friend also became a member just before me, and has also made about the same profit.


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Profit Accumulator offer a free trial and if you like it you can upgrade your membership (currently £22.99 per month).

The Profit Accumulator online guides are clear and straight-forward.  As a member you also have access to the forums so you can see how other people have been successful.  The monthly membership fee is worth every penny!

The best thing about Matched Betting is this isn’t gambling; because there’s no risk involved!  There really isn’t a catch.  Even bookmakers have stated that it is fine to make money betting this way.  It is legal and the winnings are tax-free!

If you want to create some extra disposable income find out more here:



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