Merumaya Samples #BEDM 9

Last night I tried these lovely little testers I had received from Merumaya* which included their Gentle Exfoliating Toner, the Melting Cleansing Balm and the Iconic Youth Serum.

I didn’t know a great deal about this range until I saw a few people on Twitter raving about them so thought I’d take advantage of the offer that The Prosecco Diaries had with them whereby you signed up for their newsletter and received this little package.

The Merumaya range is aimed at preventing skin ageing and reducing the signs of ageing.

I’m always a little nervous about trying new ‘stuff’ on my skin as I suffered terribly with acne and it took 2 rounds of roaccutane to get it sorted.

Admittedly I didn’t have any make up on yesterday so I couldn’t tell you how the MERUMAYA Melting Cleansing Balm 100 ml (£16.50) coped with that aspect – I can tell you that it left my skin feeling wonderfully clean and fresh.  You rub the lotion onto your dry face and then rinse it off with a hot cloth milky consistency.  The smell of sweet almond beautiful – and definitely not too sickly sweet!

I then followed on with the MERUMAYA Gentle Exfoliating Toner 128 ml (£17.50)- again, this left my skin feeling fresh and certainly not tight like some toners can.  It contains natural Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHAs) which “gently peel away dead skin” (pleasant sounding!).

I’ve only recently discovered the need for some acid in our beauty regime so I’ve been doing quite a bit of reading etc on it – key point that keeps cropping up…don’t use it EVERY DAY if you’ve not used it before.

I used a tiny bit of the MERUMAYA Iconic Youth Serum 30 ml (£36.50) – I have to be honest and say I wasn’t overwhelmed by the smell however  I could feel my skin drink it in and you didn’t need to use too much. It wasn’t that nasty sticky texture that some serum’s can have.  I finished it off this morning and put a bit of makeup on as I was popping out. It sat underneath my foundation really well and hasn’t made it slide off at all.

I’ve been really impressed with those 3 little goodies and I may make a few purchases when my current lotions and potions are running low.  You can buy this from some John Lewis stores (not in my part the country though unfortunately), from Amazon or directly from the Merumaya website.

Have you tried any of their products and have any recommendations for me?!


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