Story #10

The attic room was stifling; everyone was finding it difficult to concentrate on the work that been tasked to them that afternoon.

There was little respite from the heat. A solitary fan worked overtime in the corner battling to keep the staff cool in the hottest day of the year where temperatures reached into the 30’s.

When she finally finished work, she stepped out of the Georgian building which housed the office and was dazzled by the brilliant sunlight.

As she walked back to the car, she saw children playing in the park – Mothers chasing after them trying to apply sunscreen and coaxing hats back on as they repeatedly whipped them off.

There was little breeze and the sky was a beautiful clear blue.  Birds gently flew overhead, catching what pockets of air they could to enable a seamless flight.

In the distance she heard the repetitive tones of an ice cream van and wondered how many children would nag their parents for a treat right before dinner time.

She was thankful for the air conditioned journey back in the car. The two puppies that normally raced to the front door to greet her barely moved from the cool tiled kitchen floor and raised their heads in greeting – far too hot for them today.

As she walked into the back garden, which was shaded by now, her husband greeted her with a kiss, an ice cold beer and the BBQ already lit…the perfect summers evening.



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