Oink Oink – turn receipts into cash!

Everyone goes to the shop and everyone gets a receipt that they usually just chuck in the bin.  However with this clever app called Receipt Hog, you can earn some extra pennies and it could not be easier!

  • Shop anywhere..Buy anything..then take a pic of your receipt using the app
  • These are then converted to coins…and coins make prizes!
  • Collect bonus coins by doing Hog Slots and surveys
  • Once you have collected enough coins, these can be converted into amazon vouchers OR paid straight into your paypal account.

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It doesn’t matter how much you’ve spent you can earn points for food, groceries, health items and beauty product receipts. If you spend less than £10 you will earn 5 coins, a receipt where you’ve spent £10 – £50 will get you 10 coins, a spend of £50 – £100 will earn you 15 coins and when you spend more than £100 you will be rewarded with 20 coins.

I’ve been collecting for around 2 months and am not too far from away from a £3 Amazon voucher…Christmas isn’t far away…

I haven’t gone out of my way to buy extra things or spend more money, this is just on the usual food shops, petrol, meals out, clothes, emergency chocolate shops etc.

I think it’s definitely worth doing and it really takes little effort.  The app is simple to use and navigate round.

It’s worth noting that receipts must be less than 2 weeks old so the sooner you get them after a shop, the quicker you’ll start earning coins.

If you use my referral code, GAM88549 then I’ll get 10 extra hog slot spins and you’ll have 5 more spins.

Happy Receipt Hogging everyone!



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