Earning some extra pennies

Here’s the third Jump into January post – I’m on a roll with this at the moment!

No doubt we’re all feeling the effects of December on our bank accounts so I’d thought I’d share a few things I’ve learnt over the last couple of months to earn a few extra pennies.



Receipt Hog

Receipt Hog Logo

This is a pretty easy one to start with.  It’s an app that you download to your phone and then simply take photos of your receipts using the app.  These receipts get turned into points which can then be traded in for Amazon vouchers or a payment to Paypal.  I think this is a no-brainer…we ALL buy stuff and we ALL get receipts so why not make them work for you?  I’ve written a full review of this app here.

If you download the app, be sure to use my referral code gam88549 as you’ll get some extra points.




Another app for your phone this one and it isn’t so much a money maker, but somewhere for cheaper deals on food and sometimes free food.

At the moment there’s 50% off Oppo ice cream which is absolutely delicious and is ‘healthy’ with only 40 calories per scoop but at £5 a pot it’s a little excessive…this app lets you try for £2.50!

Again, if you download the app, use my referral code KHKCCGER and you’ll get yourself some free chocolate!

Prolific Academy 


This is a site that does academic surveys for the likes of various Universities and their students.  The amount of money you can earn from each survey varies depending on the length and complexity.  You only have to reach £5 before a payment is made through Paypal so it doesn’t take you too long to hit this target.  In about 2 months I’ve earned £30 from a handful of studies that have taken about 1.5 hours in total.

If you want to sign up -have a look here.

Please bear in mind, that any extra pennies you earn should be declared to HMRC although you can earn money from eBay sales without having to declare them.


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