Time to Tackle Your Wardrobe!

This is the first of my Jump into January post – you can catch up on the concept of it here.

I thought I’d start of by talking about ‘decluttering’, ‘clearing out the cupboards’, ‘throwing away the crap’ – call it what you will but essentially I’m talking about getting rid of all those ‘things’ lurking at the back of the cupboards and your wardrobe that you’re just not using.

Sometimes it can be a little daunting – I tend to do one room at a time over the duration of the year, otherwise it’s just too much and the task then turns into a mountain which I ignore.

By no means is my house all Marie Kondo and I haven’t read her book The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying* – my decluttering is by no means as excessive!  There are a million different ways to declutter and I’m certainly not going to go through them all here otherwise you’ll all be switching off!

Tackle Your Wardrobe


My top tip for your clothes is one that I saw on Pinterest last year…start the year by turning all the coat hangers in your wardrobe the wrong way round.  When you pull something out to wear, then wash it and return it to the wardrobe, simply put the hanger back in the right way.  The concept here is that every 6 months you clear out any hangers that are facing the wrong way.  However…I did my first clear out around September time as I found in June that a lot of my summer clothes were hanging backwards – simply because we hadn’t had the weather!

I’m planning on taking this concept into my shoe rack as well this year…I’ve turned all my shoes one way and then when I wear them and put them back I’ll put them the opposite way.  I’ve got loads of pairs of shoes and I’m pretty sure I only wear the same 4 or 5 pairs!

I’m also planning on doing my jumper drawers and the MILLION vest tops I have.

Some other pieces of advice include:

  • Start with the easy stuff first
  • Get rid of anything broken or beyond repair – this needs to go in the bin!
  • Don’t be afraid to let go of things
  • Break the task down into smaller manageable pieces…do 10 minutes a day or a drawer at a time
  • If you’re unsure whether to get rid of something, put it aside, out of sight and if you STILL haven’t used it or worn it or even missed it a couple of months later then it’s time to ditch


So once you’ve sorted out what you don’t need…what do you do next?!

  • Donate your clothes (obviously they need to be clean and undamaged) to either a charity shop or even a local women’s refugee centre
  • Sell, sell, sell – this takes some time and effort in all honesty and sometimes I just can’t be bothered with it.  Try eBay, a car boot sale or even the For Sale groups on Facebook that have started popping up.

I really recommend the wardrobe trick – let me know if you’re going to give it a whirl!


*this post contains an affiliate link / photo credit – istock

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