Self Care Sunday

I’ve been on a quite a roll recently with my Jump into January series.  We’ve had ways to tackle your wardrobe, earning a little extra money, how we’ve adapted our diets to accommodate JB’s dairy intolerance plus a review of a relaxing day spa that’s opened in Bath.

This leads quite nicely into a little self care piece.  SC (as we’ll call it) is quite the buzz word at the moment and for those not familiar, then let me introduce the concept.


We all live incredibly super busy lifestyles – we’re at work from 9-5 (or whatever your hours are), we pack in a gym session before or after work, we rush home, try and cook a reasonably healthy dinner, keep up with various activities for the children, run the house and then before we know it, the weekend is here.  At the weekend you then spend time cleaning the house, visiting friends and family, getting the food shop in for the week, doing “life admin” and before you know it, it’s Sunday night and the whole routine starts again.

The concept of SC is that you deliberately stop, and take some time to yourself and listen to what your body and mind actually need.

Ways to Self Care

  1. If it’s the weekend, indulge yourself in a lie in and make yourself breakfast in bed
  2. Get reading – grab that book that’s been sat on your bedside table for a good few months and get curled up with a blanket
  3. Take a duvet day! Catch up on a Netflix series, stock up on some naughty treats and don some fresh PJ’s.
  4. If the weather is kind, go for a long walk in the countryside, along the beach or in the woods
  5. Run yourself a deep, hot luxurious bubble bath or give yourself a facemask or manicurepeonys
  6. Write yourself a list of all the things that need to be done next week…but be sure to put it aside ready to be tackled on Monday
  7. Take the time to cook yourself a really delicious meal that you can sit and actually enjoy rather than hurriedly eating it in the week
  8. Be mindful – however you wish to do it; meditation, prayer or just sitting in silence and letting your thoughts run in and out
  9. Try something new! Listen to a new music genre, watch a film you wouldn’t normally chose, try a new fitness class or start a new hobby
  10. Spend some quality time with your partner – it’s often all too easy to take each other for granted. We’re often out for food or drinks with friends but it’s rare that we actually go out and it’s just the two of us.


How do you like to spend some time to yourself?


*Flower photos courtesy of FromRoses

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