Beautiful Blooms

For me, certain flowers represent certain things – daffodils signify the end of a cold spell and that warmer weather is on the way.  Snowdrops remind me of my Nan (although I’m never really sure why).  Freesias remind me of my Mum; I had a Saturday job in a florist whilst I was at school and every week, I would bring Mum home a small bunch of these wonderfully fragranced little blooms.  Dusty pink Memory Lane roses, mini Gerbera’s and of course Freesias were in my wedding bouquet.

I love having fresh flowers in my home and will often pop a cheap little bunch from the supermarket in the trolley if I’m doing a food shop.

This week I received a beautiful bouquet from Freddie’s Flowers.  I discovered them on Twitter (@fredds_flowers) about a month ago and then met the team at the Great British Food Festival that we recently attended.

The concept behind Freddie’s Flowers is simple – you sign up for £20 a delivery (initially set up as weekly – you can amend this once your account is confirmed to as little or as often as you like).  Freddie’s team choose a selection of beautiful flowers which are fresh from the growers, cutting out the middle man.  The team then box these up, add in some wonderfully illustrated card which includes what the flowers are (for complete novices like me), instructions plus food and even tips on how to arrange them (again, great for complete novices).  The delivery comes straight to your door – it’s that easy.

When I opened my box, I was immediately impressed with the amount of care that had been taken to put the flowers into these boxes without damaging them.  There were layers of brown paper, carefully tied up with yarn.

This particular week’s box contained Iris, Lisianthus and Solidago.

I received my flowers on a Wednesday and by Friday they were out in full glory and the smell as you entered our lounge was immense!

Flowers 3


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